Studio Lighting


Light Sources Used:

  1. Background: Room had standard, main lighting that illuminates the room and the backdrop.
  2. Soft box: translucent fabric over lamps to provide soft, diffused, main light over the subject.
  3. Reflector: was held by the subject aiming upwards, to reflect light into dark areas, such us under the chin.

I had two standard, main lights on both sides of my subject, and an overhead light (softbox), to provide the effect of general sunlight. I really wanted to illuminate my background; therefore I placed a light immediately to the side of my subject, aiming it towards the backdrop to emphasize detail, color, and texture. Its role was to add a suggestion of character, mood, or ambience to the portrait. In order to fill in some dark areas, such as under the chin, I decided to reflect light from an existing source using the gold side reflector ring.

I also had managed to have a ‘catch light’. A catch light is a white spot in a person’s eyes and is key to make the person look alive. I made the catch light by turning my camera’s flash, using it as a “fill-flash” and getting a reflection off the eye.

Camera setting: Shutter speed (1/250), ISO (100), Highest aperture.


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