Picnic at Erindale Park

Spent the day with my bestest buddy at Erindale Park. We had a cute little picnic and then just roamed around the park for a good 3-4 hours taking pictures. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of how the photographs came out, but I thought I need to stop being so picky. πŸ˜…

Fun fact: I fell into the river TWICE!Β Yes, it was quite embarrassing. πŸ˜’

The first time: I was trying to balance on a rock, thought the rock was stable, the rock wobbled and I fell. Luckily I had my camera strap around my neck, otherwise RIP my camera.

The second time: I was just so focused on my camera and taking pictures that I was not paying attention to where I was going, and there I went again. Again, luckily my camera was fine.



8 thoughts on “Picnic at Erindale Park

  1. AYE!!!!! This looks so good! Your pictures always turn out great, idk what you mean when you say that they didn’t turn out good!

    That first pic of the food is making me SO hungry right now!

    Until the next adventure………

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  2. Oh you wanderer, always out and about. Good seems you enjoy to the fullest, but yes typical clumsy Rafi at it again! XOXO ❀️❀️❀️

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